List of key partners and staff

List of key partners and staff

Key Personnel and Staffs

Dale Chen

Principal Partner, CPA in Taiwan, China, and UK, MBA

Rachel Su

Executive Vice President

Lisa Chang

Head of Audit Department, Taiwan CPA, MBA

David Wei

Head of Audit Department, CPA

Jerry Chu

Manager of Law Department

Kerry Chen

Manager of Payroll Department

Daniel Chen

Manager of Evershine Shanghai

Cindy Tsai

Manager of International Accounting Department

Mercury Yang

Manager of International Research and Development

Lingo Lee

Manager of Taiwan Legal Department

Anny Lin

Manager of Accounting Department

Aaron Cheng

Manager of IT Department

Eric Wang

Deputy Manager of IT Department

Nina Yang

Deputy Manager of Payroll Department

Lilian Chan

Deputy Manager of Online Payroll Department

Dorothy Lu

Deputy Manager of Taiwan Accounting Department

Penny Tsai

Deputy Manager of Taiwan Accounting Department

Wendy Chen

Manager of Xiamen Evershine

David Lee

Manager of Beijing Evershine

Bing Weng

Manager of China Going Overseas

Julia He

CPA in China

Ian Lin

Evershine San Francisco Manager

Andrea Kyu

Evershine Japan Manager

Moon Ji Hoo

Evershine Korea Representative

Paul Xiao

Evershine Thailand Representative

Hsiao-Tze Tsai

Evershine Germany Manager

Punit Negi

Evershine India Manager

Tina Cheng

Evershine London Representative

Meiling Wu

Evershine Manila Representative

Victoria Cindy

Evershine Indonesia Representative

Maggie Tai

Evershine Vietnam Manager

Cindy Tsai

Evershine Singapore Manager

* The above record’s dated 201807